As stated in its main objectives the association looks at affiliations with other international organisations with a favourable lens. Naturally these organisations need to be active in the areas that the MAHE is operating especially if these relate to the advancement of all those working in the hospitality industry.

With this in mind, the association looked very positively to the request that was made by the Euro Mediterranean Academy for Tourism (EMAT) to join up with them to share experiences and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the sector.

We were originally invited to join at the formation stage of the EMAT but due to our formation process we were unable to accept the invitation in 2009 as we were still not legally registered here in Malta.

However this changed the following year as by now we were locally registered as a non profit organisation. The Board approved the motion to affiliate with the EMAT in July 2010.

We are also glad to announce that during the Annual General Meeting of the EMAT that was held in November 2010 the association was elected to the Executive Council of the EMAT. At the January 2011 meeting of the Board it was agreed that the President would be the representative of the Association on the EMAT Executive Council. For further information on the EMAT please visit

Malta Association of Hospitality Executives