Malta Association of Hospitality Executives

Mission Statement

To support the Hospitality and Tourism Industry's Professional Executives in Malta focusing on Education and Work Practise Development.

Aims & Objectives

The aims and objectives governing the association are the following:

a.  To promote the status of its members to a Professional status in the Maltese Island and assist in developing a European professional body to govern all Managerial professionals working in the industry

b.  Assist its members to further develop and increase their knowledge and industry skills

c.  Interface between industry, education and Government bodies

d.  Work to have recognised educational standards in the Hospitality industry both locally and internationally

e.  Work for a ‘Professional Warrant’ for all Management employees working in Hospitality, Travel and Leisure industries

f.  Work to establish Certification of Competence for all other employees working in the Hospitality, Travel and Leisure industries

g.  To collaborate with other entities, on a national, regional and international basis in furtherance of such aims

h.  The undertaking of projects and activities connected with the above aims