Malta Association of Hospitality Executives

Code of Ethical Conduct for MAHE members

Recognising that the hospitality profession also involves responsibilities, the members of the Malta Association Hospitality Executives adopt this code of ethical conduct. Members of the MAHE shall conduct all professional activities in a manner that reflects this code to uphold the members, the Association and the Hospitality industry. This code shall be published to the general public as our commitment of leading the way to an ethical manner of how business is managed by the local hospitality industry.

The Code of Ethical conduct is split into 4 Sections:

Section 1. Responsibilities towards the Organisation

Members shall:

• Follow all legislation in relationship to the management of the organisation.

• Promote lawful policies and practices in the organisation based on good management practice.

• Support the organisation's overall objectives and contribute actively towards achieving set targets.

• Seek to promote enhancements to organisation structure, procedures and controls.

• Be accountable for achieving the objectives, projects and tasks undertaken.

• Shall use company assets and resources employed or trusted in a responsible manner for legitimate business and not for improper personal use.

• Safeguard the reputation and assets of the organisation.

• Shall not disclose or use any company confidential information for improper personal advantage.

• Exhaust all available internal remedies for dealing with matters perceived to be improper and only resorting to public disclosure as a last resort.

• Maintain the highest standards of personal conduct.

• Promote academic progress and dignity of the hospitality profession.

Section 2. Responsibilities towards the Customer

Members shall:

• Ensure customers are provided an environment of health, welfare and safety whilst visiting the premise.

• Ensure a fair and honest treatment in all dealings with guests.

• Should a problem arises between guests and employees, ensures to treat the situation urgently and fairly so as to resolve the situation as effectively as possible.

• To treat any complaint fairly and efficiently to minimise any loss to clients and to give a proper explanation to clients within a reasonable time.

• Ensures that all dealings by any employee provide a fair treatment towards all guests.

• Be honest and show integrity in pricing and the performance in all sales and services.

• Offer the best service possible based on the local industry Best Practices.

• Be committed to Excellence in all services provided to clients.

•Ensure non-discrimination towards guests in any shape or form.

Section 3. Responsibilities towards the Subordinates

Members shall:

• Be a fair employer to all employees without any form of discrimination towards any of them.

• Ensure that all legal regulations are followed in respect of health and safety regulations.

• Ensure that all working conditions are compliant to local legislations and regulations.

• Ensure a just distribution of the work so as to minimise work fatigue.

• Be fair in any dispute that could arise between subordinates.

• Be proactive in ensuring ethical behaviour by his peers and subordinates.

Section 4. Responsibilities towards the Community

Members shall:

• Act in a manner to minimise the establishment’s impact on the general environment by choosing the best environmentally acceptable route.

• Consider as a first option to employ persons from within the local community thus contributing to the general wealth of the community.

• Help the community to appreciate the role of the tourism industry to the economy of the nation.

• Assist as best possible environmental initiatives undertaken by the community within the limits and constraints of the establishment.