Malta Association of Hospitality Executives

The Malta Association of Hospitality Executives (MAHE) together with the Malta Business Bureau (MBB) EU Life+ Investing in Water project, recently held a conference titled “Water Conservation in the Hospitality Industry: Awareness and Sustainability”. Addressing key players and students within the tourism industry, the conference was opened by Mr Joseph Attard, President of MAHE who stated that the hospitality industry is the main industry user of water due to the nature of the business. Therefore, the tourism industry should raise higher awareness and share best practices and solutions for the conservation of this limited resource.

Mr Josef Formosa Gauci, MTA CEO, addressed the audience by outlining that more initiatives should be undertaken to safeguard water, being one of the scarcest resources on our Islands. By adopting water saving plans as those being addressed by the EU Life+ Investing in Water. Project being managed by the Malta Business Bureau (MBB) with the support of the Malta Chamber of Commerce and the Malta Hospitality and Restaurants Association (MHRA), enterprises can free up funds previously wasted on inefficiency. In reducing such inefficiencies, enterprises do not only become more environmentally sustainable, but also more competitive as such initiatives can also encourage costs savings.

MTA has also partnered with the MBB EU Life+ Project by adopting the project’s achievements into the criteria for the achievement of the Eco Certification awarded by MTA to the hospitality industry. Mr Formosa Gauci also highlighted that MTA has recently also extended the Eco Certification Scheme to Farmhouses Accommodation. In the process for the achievement of this scheme, accommodations with green operations not only benefit from the cost saving generated from eco practices but also create positive social impact by demonstrating a commitment towards the environment.

Highlights from the conference included, Ms Celine Schranz presentation of her dissertation research findings on determining the potential for water conservation in the Hotel Industry. Mr Geoffrey Saliba discussed the EU Life + Investing in Water Project findings and its implementation within the hospitality industry.

The conference incorporated two workshops lead by Engineer Marco Cremona on measuring and improving service water use and alternative sources of water for hotels.

This conference was open to MAHE members as well as the general public as part of the association’s effort to raise awareness about environmental responsibility in the tourism industry. The conference was also held in connection with the United Nation’s World Water Day which is celebrated on March 22nd as part of their efforts to raise worldwide awareness about the inter-linkages between water and energy.