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The Malta Association of Hospitality Executives (MAHE) is producing a television programme named ‘GastroKultura’.  The programme is providing its audience with insights into the ever evolving customs and culture of the Maltese Islands, form a gastronomic perspective.

Through the interaction of the locals, as well as the involvement of academics and professionals, GastoKultura is embarking on trips around the nation whereby the television crew meets, interviews and cooks together with the mentioned stakeholders.

GastroKultura is being broadcasted on TVM2 every Thursday at 7pm, with repeats on Friday at 10:30am, on Saturday at 1:30pm, on Sunday at 12pm and on Tuesday 1pm.

We encourage members and stakeholders in the hospitality industry to help us make the programme sustainable through their participation by:

• Giving us permission to film in their premises

• Proposing ideas for next episodes

• Advertising in the programme slots

• Providing us with financial and material contributions​

The MAHE board are doing their utmost to produce quality episodes, and the programme sustainability will basically depend on the support of the Association’s members.  We hope that you will have time to watch the programme – which is posted on GastroKultura facebook page.  Please give us your feedback and recommendations for further improvement by filling the feedback form below.

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