F&B Catering Consultancy Services

Our business is a catering consultancy service specialising in a broad range of Kitchen, Restaurant, Bar, Café and Outside Catering consultancy.

We currently help operators with concepts, operations, hiring and training staff, profitability and openings, as well as working with international brands and private events. Our reputable expertise has been gained through our direct involvement in managing various operations in various fields of various catering businesses.

As catering consultants, we develop ourselves continuously to meet the needs of businesses operating in a notoriously challenging industry. Whether you are looking to start up, exploring the opportunities of what the catering industry has to offer, or looking to improve your current business, we offer a range of services and solutions that help you get it right, because these days, you simply cannot afford to do things any other way.

Through our first hand experience, practice and also theory, we can be consulted in a wide range of departments and areas:

Admin & Finance


Marketing & Entertainment

Catering Design

Health & Safety

We can be contacted anytime:

Company Name: F&B Catering Consultancy Services

Address: 8, Level 1, Nicolo Isouard Str, Mosta, MST 1137, Malta

Email: info@f&b.com.mt

Web: http://www.fandb.com.mt/ 

Tel: + 356 21450056, +356 99450612

Contact Person: Massimo Azzopardi

Recommended Consultancies

The Malta Association Hospitality Executives is working hard to improve the operational methods of all Hospitality, Travel and Leisure organisations in Malta, this with the aim of being in a better position to meet the ever growing challenges that the industry is facing.

We as an association believe that this can be achieved through better qualified employees having the latest information and tools to move their organisation forward.

We believe that organisations will from time to time require the assistance of professional help and guidance provided by consultancies. At present organisations have a difficult task of choosing between consultancies as limited information is available to be able to distinguish between consultancies. At MAHE we do have a number of specialists that can assist hospitality organisations in broad areas of consultancy. MAHE offers its services by linking our members with qualified and seasoned consultants who demonstrate wide experience within the hospitality management sector.

We are working hard to promote qualified consultants or consultancies indicating their area of expertise. Prior to publishing we vet all consultants and consultancies to ensure that only professional and qualified ones are listed in this page.

Prime Ltd.

Prime Ltd is the largest meat processor in Malta.

In 2003 the Company set out to physically upgrade its infrastructure both in terms of production facilities and also in terms of production processes. As a result, the premises have been physically enlarged and generally refurbished with finishes that can uphold the levels of hygiene required to meet EU Standards.

Strict quality control measures are followed throughout the production process from receiving of raw materials through to the final product. Laboratory analysis at an independent laboratory is carried out throughout the year on all the company’s products.

A continuous program of investment in the most modern equipment, result in meat products with an established reputation for excellence.

The Company manufactures a wide range of products including cooked ham, cooked gammons, arrosto, mortadella, bacon, sausages and burgers.

The Company is proud that the Maltese consumer has recognized the superior quality of its products, and notwithstanding the fact that foreign products can be freely imported, the Maltese consumer has consistently preferred to purchase locally manufactured meat products, in particular those produced by PRIME.

Company Name: Prime Ltd.

Address: Mgieret Road, Marsa MRS3303, Malta

Email: info@primemalta.com

Web: http://primemalta.com 

Tel: + 356 2122 2291/2

Fax: + 356 2123 5400

Contact Person: James Muscat

ED Consultancy Services Ltd.

Business Strategy - Performance Management - Financial Advisory

ED Consultancy Services Ltd. is a management consulting firm that provides business and financial consultancy services including accounting, auditing, direct & indirect taxation, performance management, and a host of other advisory services to clients spanning multiple industries.

Our philosophy is based upon clearly understanding clients’ requirements, tailoring a full service package to respond cost-effectively to business challenges.

We offer independent CFO services.

We energise clients’ teams to sustain success.

We make sure strategic decisions get translated into action.

We commit to leaving organisations stronger than when we arrive.

To discuss how our team can help your business achieve true results, please contact us:

Company Name: ED Consultancy Services Ltd.

Address: 40, ‘The Neuk’, Ta’ Mlit Street, Mosta MST 4323, Malta

Email: dalli.etienne@gmail.com

Web: http://dallietienne.wix.com/edconsultancy 

Tel: + 356 99464670

Contact Person: Etienne Dalli B.A. (Hons) Accty, MSc (Edin), FIA, CPA, MIM, FMIT, MIH, MAHE

Malta Association of Hospitality Executives